Chi Siamo

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We are a new startup that wants to accelerate the digitalization of the sales processes in the small and medium-sized enterprise across Europe.

We offer a marketplace platform dedicated to e-commerce amongst businesses allowing to buy and sell online in a simple, direct and flexible way.

We can get you started fast by removing the cost barrier of investing in the headcount, IT systems and training that would be needed to build your own e-shop.

We are a group of professionals who have been working in the industrial and ICT sectors for large and medium-sized international companies. In such environment we have matured a solid network of commercial relationships with the small and medium-sized European industry, mainly in Italy and Germany.

Thanks to that experience, we have acquired a deep knowledge of the real and practical needs of a niche industrial marketplace for businesses and we are committed to the enhancements of its peculiarities.

We can tailor the marketplace to your business needs and analyse your sales data to provide useful recommendations for improvement.

Contact us for an informational consulting and in a short time you will be able to open an online shop for your business.